Resolve your disputes efficiently with privacy and dignity.

You've heard
the horror stories.

When disputes escalate to the courthouse, other people make decisions about your future through a public and adversarial system. Relationships are damaged. Your underlying interests and concerns might not even be addressed. You have lost control over your privacy, your resources, and the outcome.


What if there was a process where
you maintained control?

Collaborative Law is a legal process that provides the formal structure and professional support to resolve your disputes with privacy and dignity. You have the opportunity to address interests and concerns, control resources, and preserve relationships as your attorney helps you achieve agreement.



  • Protect Privacy
  • Control Scheduling and Cost
  • Exchange Necessary Information
  • Achieve Resolution
  • Preserve Important Relationships
  • Restore Dignity

Because relationship matters...

What we are and what we do is shaped by the quality of our relationships, whether in business, family or personal spheres. These relationships don’t disappear because conflict happens or structure changes, but they are deeply impacted by the litigation battleground. Collaborative law gives people and entities the opportunity to redefine future relationship and reputation in a positive and sustainable way. Because relationship matters.

Because efficiency matters...

Sometimes the bottom line is defined by money and time. The collaborative process is specifically designed to empower persons and entities to address and manage conflict in the most efficient way, by eliminating wasteful disruptions and hide-the-ball games. The participants commit up front to a shared goal -- resolution of the conflict in a mutually satisfying way. Dedicated Settlement Counsel guide the participants and the process to make sure that the money and time that is spent is directed toward that singular goal. Because efficiency matters.

Because privacy matters...

Whether talking about an individual, a family, a small business, or a multinational corporation, there are decisions and events that don’t need to be open to public scrutiny. Addressing and resolving conflict in a positive and productive way often requires privacy, which the public forum of litigation doesn’t allow. Collaborative law gives people and entities one of the best opportunities to honestly address and manage conflict in private, without worrying about who else may be watching. Because privacy matters.

Because outcome matters...

The collaborative process is pro-family, pro-business, and forward looking. Resolution is achieved by those who are most vested in the dispute, the parties themselves. The process allows the participants to create options that are creatively designed to meet the core interests of every involved person or entity. The result can be uniquely customized for the stakeholders, who retain ultimate decision-making authority. And you never give up the nuclear option: the ability to go to court if the collaborative process does not result in agreement. Because outcome matters.