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Attorneys Without Litigation

Attorneys Without Litigation is a network of collaboratively trained attorneys and other professionals. We avoid litigation and help our clients craft private settlements of disputes fairly, constructively, and efficiently.


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Why choose an attorney from our Network?
Attorneys Without Litigation membership is limited to professionals who meet strict criteria regarding training and experience in collaborative law and practice areas. Our practice group is uniquely qualified to address a broad spectrum of legal conflicts. Our focus includes not only family law, but also any legal dispute in which time, money and relationships are at a premium. 
Our Experience and Training
Attorneys Without Litigation members are frequent speakers and trainers in alternative dispute methods, have served in leadership roles at state, local and national level in Collaborative Law bar organizations and committees, and have achieved international recognition. One of our founding members is the author of Avoiding Litigation: A Guide to Civil Collaborative Law, and a textbook, Civil Collaborative Law; a Road Less Traveled.
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