Resolving Business Disputes

Recommended Reading:   Prescription for Sanity In Resolving Business Disputes:  Civil Collaborative Practice in a Business Restructuring Case. This article, linked below, describes the use of the collaborative resolution process in the case of a  four-owner subchapter S corporation that, after a successful five-year run,  needed realignment when three of the shareholders wanted a split from

Conflict Resolution In Healthcare

Conflict Resolution in Healthcare In particular, we look closely at non-adversarial responses to adverse medical events (AME) in both a legal and medical context. Examination of both contexts will assist in promoting and sustaining the valuable, growing synergy between law and healthcare, which provides the opportunity to expand and enhance communication with patients/clients. Although we

Two goats set out to cross a bridge…

National Public Radio recently reported on the story of two goats who got stuck on a bridge. It seems these two goats left the confinement of their yard to explore what lay on the other side of a bridge. But the route they chose was an 8 inch support girder beam under a major highway

Home Sweet Home

You just purchased your first home. Congratulations and welcome home! And, your realtor was kind enough to act as your general contractor for the cosmetic repairs that you wanted, so that when you moved in there would be nothing to do other than sort your socks. “Sorry, what was that? Oh, the shower floor pan

The Secular Situation

While visiting Israel, I had a Jewish guide who was a Captain in the Israeli Army. As we were walking out of a Christian church, I asked him if he believed that Jesus had lived. He replied that Jesus probably lived, but he did not believe Jesus was the Messiah-furthermore, there will be no Messiah.

Jack Did Not Come Tumbling Down

Jack and Jill have been business partners for over 30 years. Their children have grown up together. Their families have vacationed together for years. They have been looking forward to an eventual sale of the business so that they can travel more and enjoy life. Jack and his wife, Jane are going through a hotly

The Flash

It was Halloween, and the doorbell rang. One of our family members went to the door and asked, “How can I help you young man?” The boy looked up and politely said, “You can give me some candy.” “No trick or treat?” came the response. The boy looked up, “O.K. trick or treat.” Wow! A

Alternatives to Litigation and Arbitration

If you would like the chance to control the outcome of your dispute, with a chance of maintaining your emotional and financial well-being then you should consider the civil collaborative law process to resolve your business, family, probate, employment, medical, account, insurance and other business related disputes. The civil collaborative dispute resolution process provides an

Sharing Information in a Business Case

When we think about business litigation, we groan at the thought of pretrial discovery.  The dreaded request for “each and every document pertaining to” every possible issue in the case – followed by exhaustive and expensive searches for huge quantities of paper and electronic files and pitched courtroom battles over objections and the adequacy of