Peeling the Artichoke

Most of us are eager to solve problems before we truly understand their depth. You have probably heard the expression “peeling the onion.” This protocol is designed to help us peel away the layers to address the deeper issues that lie underneath the surface. But, the problem is that when you peel an onion all

Keeping the Faith in Legal Disputes

People of faith can find themselves in serious conflicts which require the help of others to resolve. There may be conflicts between spouses, within families, between friends and business associates, or even within faith communities. And like all conflicts, some of these by necessity or preference wind up in court. This can raise a huge

What do litigators have against collaborating?

What do courtroom lawyers have against collaborating? The easy answer is that it hits the bottom line. If lawyers and clients from both sides of the table work in concert to solve problems and resolve issues that are causing the conflict, how many dollars are lost that could have otherwise be earned through a dead-end discovery

Staying Above Water

It is said that only 10% of an iceberg is above water. Having watched icebergs off the coast of Greenland and the Antarctic Peninsula, I believe this is true. It is also my belief that parties to disputes are often unaware of 10% of relevant data when disputes begin, and frequently less than 10% of